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[fast-fawr-werd, fahst-]
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verb (used with or without object)
  1. to advance an audio or video recording rapidly: I always fast-forward through the TV ads that get recorded on my DVR.
  2. to skip over a period of time and arrive at a future point in the timeline, especially in narration: Fast-forward six months, she’s gotten engaged and is moving to Europe!
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Origin of fast-forward

First recorded in 1945–50

fast forward

[fast fawr-werd, fahst-]
  1. a function of an audio or video recorder or player, as a cassette deck or DVR, that allows the content to be advanced rapidly.
  2. the button or other control that activates this function.
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  1. (sometimes not hyphenated) the control on a tape deck or video recorder used to wind the tape or video forward at speed
  2. informal a state of urgency or rapid progressmy mind went into fast forward
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  1. (tr) to wind (a video or tape) forward using the fast-forward control
  2. to deal with speedilyfast-forward the trials of the new drug
  3. (intr) to move forward through a tape or video using the fast-forward control
  4. (usually foll by to) to direct one's attention towards a particular time or event, ignoring intervening materialfast-forward to the summer of 2008
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Word Origin for fast-forward

C20: from the fast-forward wind control in a tape deck
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