[ fat-fing-ger ]

  1. noting or pertaining to errors made by hitting the wrong key or button on a keyboard, keypad, or number pad: fat-finger dialing errors;a large number of typos evidencing the fat-finger syndrome.

verb (used with object)
  1. to make an error in or on (something) by hitting the wrong key or button: I must have fat-fingered my username.You can easily fat-finger the tiny keyboard on this device.

Origin of fat-finger

First recorded in 2000–05; so called from using the thumb to type, or accidentally hitting two keys with one finger

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How to use fat-finger in a sentence

  • "Look at him," she said, pointing with her fat finger at my insignificant self and addressing her family.

    Marie | H. Rider Haggard

British Dictionary definitions for fat-finger


verb(intr) informal
  1. to make a mistake by pressing the wrong key on a keyboard or number pad

  2. to make an error that causes further problems

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