Fata Morgana

[ Italian fah-tah mawr-gah-nah ]
/ Italian ˈfɑ tɑ mɔrˈgɑ nɑ /


Meteorology. a mirage consisting of multiple images, as of cliffs and buildings, that are distorted and magnified to resemble elaborate castles, often seen near the Straits of Messina.

Origin of Fata Morgana

1810–20; < Italian, translation of Morgan le Fay, associated in literature with magical castles
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British Dictionary definitions for fata morgana

Fata Morgana
/ (ˈfɑːtə mɔːˈɡɑːnə, Italian ˈfaːta mɔrˈɡaːna) /


a mirage, esp one in the Strait of Messina attributed to the sorcery of Morgan le Fay

Word Origin for Fata Morgana

C19: from Italian: Morgan le Fay
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