[ fey-tal-i-tee, fuh- ]
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noun,plural fa·tal·i·ties.
  1. a disaster resulting in death.

  2. a death resulting from such an occurrence: a rise in highway fatalities.

  1. the quality of causing death or disaster; a fatal influence; deadliness.

  2. predetermined liability to disaster, misfortune, etc.: a fatality for saying the wrong thing.

  3. the quality of being predetermined by or subject to fate: There is a fatality in human affairs that leads to destruction.

  4. the fate or destiny of a person or thing: Death is the ultimate fatality of all human beings.

  5. a fixed, unalterably predetermined course of things; inevitability: to resign oneself to the fatality of life.

Origin of fatality

From the Late Latin word fātālitās, dating back to 1480–90. See fatal, -ity

Other words from fatality

  • non·fa·tal·i·ty, noun, plural non·fa·tal·i·ties.

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/ (fəˈtælɪtɪ) /

nounplural -ties
  1. an accident or disaster resulting in death

  2. a person killed in an accident or disaster

  1. the power of causing death or disaster; deadliness

  2. the quality or condition of being fated

  3. something caused or dictated by fate

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