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[ feyt-l-ee ]


  1. in a manner leading to death or disaster:

    He was injured fatally in the accident.

  2. by a decree of fate or destiny; by inevitable predetermination.


/ ˈfeɪtəlɪ /


  1. resulting in death or disaster

    fatally wounded in battle

  2. as decreed by fate; inevitably

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fatally1

late Middle English word dating back to 1375–1425; fatal, -ly

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Example Sentences

Ashli Babbitt, the QAnon-believing rioter who was fatally shot trying to break into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, had served in the Air Force.

From Vox

A 20-year-old Northern Virginia man was fatally shot and found inside a vehicle in Dumfries.

A District man was fatally shot Saturday afternoon in Northeast Washington, police said.

Sheriff’s deputy fatally shoots man in Gaithersburg How the coronavirus spread through the District, Maryland and Virginia

MTA bus driver Marcus Parks was fatally shot in southeast Baltimore in October after an argument with a man trying to board his bus.

A street sweeper was caught in the crossfire as a gunman fired at the officer, fatally wounding her in the back.

This is not because of bad leaders, or polarized politics, but because of a governing structure that is fatally flawed.

One of those incidents came last December, when a driver for the company fatally struck 6-year-old Sofia Liu in a crosswalk.

Cops launched a flash grenade through the window and officer Joseph Weekley fired, fatally striking Stanley-Jones.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones was not even confronting police officers when she was fatally shot the night of May 16, 2010.

To lose a breath of the public approbation in his present state, were to give up fatally the only stay on which he rested.

Half of Braddock's 1600 troops were killed or wounded, Braddock himself being fatally wounded in action.

It struck and injured fatally an innocent outsider, who was taken to the Charity Hospital, in the rue Jacob, and died there.

Then he just kept triggering until the gun was emptied and he had put five slugs fatally into Big Sid's carcass.

A very light attack of any of these diseases in one child may infect another fatally.


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