[ foh-shahr; French foh-shar ]

noun,plural fau·chards [foh-shahrz; French foh-shar]. /foʊˈʃɑrz; French foʊˈʃar/.
  1. a shafted weapon having a knifelike blade with a convex cutting edge and a beak on the back for catching the blade of an aggressor's weapon.

Origin of fauchard

<French; Old French fauchart, equivalent to fauch(er) to cut with a scythe (<Vulgar Latin *falcāre, derivative of Latin falx, stem falc- sickle) + -art-art

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How to use fauchard in a sentence

  • She passed, with her two gentlemen, but the French sentinel barred the way, holding his fauchard thwartwise.

    A Monk of Fife | Andrew Lang
  • He dropped his fauchard over his shoulder, and stood aside, staring impudently at the Maiden, and muttering foul words.

    A Monk of Fife | Andrew Lang