[ fey-verd ]
/ ˈfeɪ vərd /


regarded or treated with preference or partiality: Her beauty made her the favored child.
enjoying special advantages; privileged: to be born into the favored classes.
of specified appearance (usually used in combination): ill-favored.

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Origin of favored

First recorded in 1350–1400, favored is from the Middle English word favo(u)red. See favor, -ed2

Related formsfa·vored·ly, adverbfa·vored·ness, nounnon·fa·vored, adjectiveun·fa·vored, adjective


[ fey-ver ]
/ ˈfeɪ vər /


verb (used with object)

Also especially British, fa·vour.

Origin of favor

1250–1300; Middle English favo(u)r < Anglo-French, Old French < Latin favōr- (stem of favor) goodwill, equivalent to fav(ēre) to be favorably inclined + -ōr- -or1

2. Favor, goodwill imply a kindly regard or friendly disposition shown by an individual or group. Favor may be merely an attitude of mind: to look with favor on a proposal. Goodwill is more active and leads often to outward manifestations of friendly approval: By frequent applause the audience showed its goodwill toward the speaker. 5. present. 10. approve, countenance, sanction. 12. encourage, patronize. 15. help, assist.

Related formsfa·vor·er, nouno·ver·fa·vor, verb (used with object)pre·fa·vor, noun, verb (used with object)un·fa·vor·ing, adjective

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see curry favor; in favor of; in favor with; in one's favor; out of favor; return the compliment (favor).

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