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[ fey-verd ]


  1. regarded or treated with preference or partiality:

    Her beauty made her the favored child.

  2. enjoying special advantages; privileged:

    to be born into the favored classes.

  3. of specified appearance (usually used in combination):


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Other Words From

  • favored·ly adverb
  • favored·ness noun
  • non·favored adjective
  • un·favored adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of favored1

First recorded in 1350–1400, favored is from the Middle English word favo(u)red. See favor, -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Nine of the 10 most lopsided World Series went to the favored team — granting that the only exception was No.

In the latter kinds of cases, there are often clues strewn about that hint at a favored team’s impending doom.

As I wrote a year ago, favored teams were coming off an incredible run of success, with every champion hailing from the top echelons of its sport.

Free speech scholars and advocacy groups say the Texas state government unconstitutionally dictates political speech on the world’s largest platforms by forcing platforms to carry favored views.

From Quartz

Being safe and favored helps but it doesn’t necessarily make a company stand out.

From Digiday

There, many minority parents supported Tom Torklarson, who favored the education reform agenda.

In the absence of ceremonial formalities, Francis favored a business-like manner.

The former believed in the role of the state as a provider, while the latter favored an iron fist approach to governance.

The Keystone project is not an American one, but a global one, financed and favored by major multinational oil interests.

Even as Hispanics favored Democrats this week, some Republicans wooed them ardently and made surprising inroads.

The morning to sleep, the afternoon to business and the evening to enjoyment, seems the usual routine with the favored classes.

The day was hot and the roads dusty, and Lawrence favored the horses all possible, but they made good progress.

The human race, if favored by environment, can easily double itself every twenty-five years.

The tobacconist whom he thus favored was his under-treasurer, Hardham, whom no writer about snuff should omit to notice.

In truth, the art of tobacco using is nowhere more ignored, nowhere more contemptuously neglected than in these 'favored isles.'


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