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[ fey-ver-i-tiz-uhm, feyv-ri- ]


  1. the favoring of one person or group over others with equal claims; partiality:

    to show favoritism toward the youngest child.

  2. the state of being a favorite.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of favoritism1

First recorded in 1755–65; favorite + -ism

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Example Sentences

In 2015 the department’s inspector general found no explicit evidence of wrongdoing but said Mayorkas’ actions “created an appearance of favoritism and special access.”

From Time

The program said adding a family member “could lead to the perception of favoritism by other parents” receiving benefits.

Employees complained, anonymously, to BuzzFeed News that having come to work for a young female founder one called “so inspiring,” they instead found Haney presiding over a dysfunctional culture of favoritism.

From Fortune

The city has been going through months of preparation to consider new bids for the deal, which involves a complex process designed to limit concerns about favoritism.

Even where we remove a judge for favoritism in deciding a case, for example, we have no standing to undo the biased decision itself.

Google Play is trying to avoid the appearance of political favoritism in their policing of apps.

To have any chance at success, Washington must end its pro-Israel favoritism in return for an evenhanded approach.

Stephen T. Asma, the author of Against Fairness, on what favoritism is good for.

If they had, I probably would have demurred, citing favoritism toward my half-Chinese/half-Japanese heritage.

At one point, Melissa said, she was on the receiving end of his favoritism.

Dont you be worried, girls; I bet Mr. Sharp wont let anybody get that prize through favoritism.

No personal favoritism or interest or prejudice should be allowed for a single moment to prevail.

The granting of land to individuals had been lavish; it had been lax; and it had been marked by gross favoritism.

What we strive to do is to clear the channels of appeal, and avoid favoritism and stagnation.

The outrageous part of the affair lies in Miss Reid having shown favoritism, not in the freshmen having resented it.





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