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[fey-ver-it, feyv-rit]
  1. a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference: That song is an old favorite of mine.
  2. Sports. a competitor considered likely to win.
  3. a person or thing popular with the public.
  4. a person treated with special or undue favor by a king, official, etc.: favorites at the court.
  5. Digital Technology. bookmark(def 3a).
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  1. regarded with particular favor or preference: a favorite child.
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Also especially British, fa·vour·ite.

Origin of favorite

1575–85; < Middle French < Italian favorito, past participle of favorire to favor. See favor, -ite2
Related formsnon·fa·vor·ite, nounpre·fa·vor·ite, noun, adjectiveun·fa·vor·ite, adjective
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US favorite

  1. (prenominal) most liked; preferred above all others
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    1. a person or thing regarded with especial preference or liking
    2. (as modifier)a favourite book
  1. sport a competitor thought likely to win
  2. (pl) computing a place on certain browsers that allows internet users to list the addresses of websites they find and like with a click of the mouse so that they can revisit them merely by opening the list and clicking on the address
  3. play favourites to display favouritism
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Word Origin

C16: from Italian favorito, from favorire to favour, from Latin favēre
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Word Origin and History for favourite



1580s, from Middle French favorit, perhaps via Italian favorito, past participle of favorire, from favore, from Latin favorem (see favor (n.)). In racing, attested from 1813. As an adjective, by 1711.

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