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/ feɪzd /


  1. disconcerted; worried; disturbed

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Example Sentences

Despite speculation of what could have prompted Kloss to skip the lucrative Fashion Week—some were less than fazed.

None of the hoopla seemed to have fazed the Iranian president, who loves to bask in controversy during his U.S. visits.

Yet the criticisms barely fazed Republicans, many of whom took a mischievous pleasure in foiling their rivals again and again.

She never seemed fazed or perturbed by the goings-on and the very chaotic sleeping arrangements.

She's just rollin' out o' th' feathers, an' she's quite enough for me—always has me fazed to a frazzle.

Sure, but this guy's got her fazed—she thinks he's square all right—she'll trust him an' then—s'posin' he ain't?

Pat held his watch in his hand and looked very ugly, but nothing fazed Billy.

"Why, he's jes carryin' on same es he allus does; hit nevur fazed him," Lin assured the mother.

It never fazed me then, but seems like it's showing up now, and Doc says I can expect these little cat fits every now'n again.