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[ feth-erd ]


  1. clothed, covered, or provided with feathers, as a bird or an arrow.
  2. quick; rapid; speedy; swift:

    feathered feet.

  3. (of a veneer) cut to show a figure resembling a plume.

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Other Words From

  • un·feathered adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of feathered1

before 1000; Middle English fethered, Old English gefetherede, feather, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

Cameras then captured how their real-life feathered friends reacted.

Descending from the bus, a crow with a large red sword on its back makes its way into an office where a couple of feathered office workers tap away at their typewriters in a large room occupied by many empty desks.

If you live in an urban high-rise, a bustling suburb, or have a yard that’s more concrete than foliage, your property isn’t suitable for a feathered visitor.

Our feathered friends evolved during the Jurassic — about 165 to 145 million years ago.

Tayos is named for the brown-feathered, hook-billed nocturnal birds that dwell inside the cave alongside thousands of bats.

Tyson is, of course, a fan of our feathered friends, owning an army of 2,000 pigeons.

If you flap your arms hard enough, a pair of vast feathered wings appears to grow out from your shoulders.

Monday, following the first Schiaparelli couture show since 1954, where eclectically clad women walked in flat feathered sandals.

Ventura did have more qualifications for elected office than simply wearing a feathered boa while grappling in the wrestling ring.

Startlingly, both have the same cover image of Isabella peering through a black feathered hat.

Most of the feathered folk agreed that Mr. Blackbird ought not to have spokenp.

The six men pulled with a long stroke, their oars dipping along the surface of the sea as they feathered them.

The procession, preceded by Bob on his feathered steed, passed through a chasm overgrown with brambles.

Marie tilted back her head and looked up at the tall row of eucalyptus trees feathered against the stars.

Unlike those feathered Romans of the Decadence, we moderns settle for one meal at a sitting, and let it digest in peace.


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