/ (fɛxt) /

verb, noun
  1. a Scot word for fight

Derived forms of fecht

  • fechter, noun

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How to use fecht in a sentence

  • The only reglar fecht I ever kent Jamie hae was wi' a lad 'at cried that to him.

    A Window in Thrums | J. M. Barrie
  • Timid old country body that he was, he could not "fecht it oot" with the thieves and beggars and drunkards of the Cowgate.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson
  • Gin ye wauken yer neebors yell juist hae to fecht it oot wi' 'em.

    Greyfriars Bobby | Eleanor Atkinson
  • Van dogheden vnde van guden zeden fecht dyt boek wol dat valen ouer left de wert ok des schackspeles klock.

  • "Its in vain to fecht wi' him," whispered Carey into the ear of John Monilaws.