feel oneself

see feel like oneself.

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How to use feel oneself in a sentence

  • It is delirium-of-bliss to feel oneself living though shadows be pitch-black.

    I, Mary MacLane | Mary MacLane
  • To feel oneself skimming along by one's own will, and yet with a power beyond oneself, was delightful past words.

    A Christmas Child | Mrs. Molesworth
  • It will be perfectly grand to feel oneself so free and self-reliant.

    The Reclaimers | Margaret Hill McCarter
  • Even if one were not in love one would feel oneself a lover on such a day.

    Tante | Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  • To enter a house where tapestries abound, is to feel oneself welcomed even before the host appears.

    The Tapestry Book | Helen Churchill Candee