feldscher or feldschar

/ (ˈfɛldʃə) /


(in Russia) a medical doctor's assistant

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Word Origin for feldsher

C19: Russian, from German Feldscher a field surgeon, from Feld field + Scherer surgeon, from scheren to shear

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Examples from the Web for feldsher

  • I shall dismiss my feldsher, close the barracks, and if the cholera comes, I shall cut rather a comic figure.

  • "Come, husband, praying is of little avail," answered his practical wife; "we must have a feldsher" (doctor).

    Rabbi and Priest|Milton Goldsmith
  • This first interview with the feldsher was, on the whole, satisfactory.

    Russia|Donald Mackenzie Wallace
  • "You are a Feldsher," I said, making use of the word which I had recently added to my vocabulary.

    Russia|Donald Mackenzie Wallace