[fel-oh-di-see, -sey]

noun, plural fe·lo·nes-de-se [fel-uh-neez-di-see, -sey, fuh-loh-neez-] /ˈfɛl əˌniz dɪˈsi, -ˈseɪ, fəˈloʊ niz-/, fe·los-de-se [fel-ohz-di-see, -sey] /ˈfɛl oʊz dɪˈsi, -ˈseɪ/.

a person who commits suicide or commits an unlawful malicious act resulting in his or her own death.
the act of suicide.

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Origin of felo-de-se

1645–55; < Anglo-Latin, equivalent to felō a felon + in respect to, of + oneself

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Examples from the Web for felo-de-se

  • Felo-de-se, in English law the crime which a man at the age of discretion and of a sound mind commits when he takes away his life.

    The Nuttall Encyclopaedia|Edited by Rev. James Wood

Word Origin and History for felo-de-se



Latin, "suicide," literally "one guilty concerning himself."

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