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[ fen-sing ]


  1. the art, practice, or sport in which an épée, foil, or saber is used for defense and attack.
  2. a parrying of arguments; avoidance of direct answers:

    political fencing on important issues.

  3. an enclosure or railing.
  4. fences collectively.
  5. material for fences.


/ ˈfɛnsɪŋ /


  1. the practice, art, or sport of fighting with swords, esp the sport of using foils, épées, or sabres under a set of rules to score points
    1. wire, stakes, etc, used as fences
    2. fences collectively
  2. skilful or witty debate
  3. the avoidance of direct answers; evasiveness
  4. slang.
    the business of buying and selling stolen property

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fencing1

1425–75; late Middle English fensing safeguarding, maintenance. See fence, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Before one foot of fencing is made permanent, we need to know everything we can about who attacked the Capitol, who led them, where and how they communicated, where they are now, and what they are planning next.

At least some of the “nonscalable” fencing, road closures and National Guard deployments that were put in place in the wake of this month’s Capitol riot are expected to remain in place through early February.

The filing came hours after the Northam administration had workers erect metal fencing around the statue, saying it was preparing to take Lee down if the high court cleared the way.

They were closely watched by National Guard troops in riot gear, standing behind layers of new security fencing surrounding the building.

From Time

Among them was Hylton’s mother, Karen Hylton, who was seen swinging an aluminum baseball bat at police fencing.

For decades, this served as a respectable front for the biggest fencing operation in the history of the country.

The homestretch of the track had been blocked off with cattle fencing—the kind they use at rodeos that makes for easy climbing.

The process of installing the fencing began a few weeks ago, and is now about halfway through.

It wiped out the entirety of the 1975 national Cuban fencing team.

However, its only teams to win gold were in gymnastics and fencing, both intensely solo sports.

The white ranchmen in the valley were all fencing in their lands; no more free running of stock.

To supply the demand for galvanised signalling and fencing cords, the machines must turn out 15,000 yards of strand per day.

All her scheming and fencing would have availed her nothing if she were to break down at the critical moment.

During this year there were various fencing contests held at the Bull in Bishopsgate.

He raised his saber in salute—the only fencing-movement he'd become proficient in—and jumped into a crouch.


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