/ (ˌfɛnɪˈstɛlə) /

nounplural -lae (-liː)
  1. RC Church a small aperture in the front of an altar, containing relics

  2. ecclesiast a niche in the side wall of a chancel, in which the credence or piscina are set

  1. architect a small window or an opening in a wall

Origin of fenestella

C18: from Latin: a little window, from fenestra window

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How to use fenestella in a sentence

  • I had the privilege of examining the actual grave December 1, 1891, lowering myself from the fenestella under the altar.

    Pagan and Christian Rome | Rodolfo Lanciani
  • Here we see the fenestella confessionis, by means of which pilgrims were allowed to behold and touch the venerable grave.

    Pagan and Christian Rome | Rodolfo Lanciani
  • But fenestella reverses the charge, contending that Terence was older than either of them.