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[ fuh-ros-i-tee ]


  1. a ferocious quality or state; savage fierceness.

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  • nonfe·roci·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ferocity1

1600–10; < Latin ferōcitās, equivalent to ferōc-, stem of ferōx ferocious + -itās -ity

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Example Sentences

Since then, though, streamers say hate raids have only grown in number and ferocity.

In India, the ferocity of the second wave left hospitals too full to treat the sick.

Jones’s short stories, she writes, “remind us — so gently it is easy to overlook their underlying ferocity — that we are all just tiny figures inside the sweep of an often violent history.”

Cloud providers can, and do, protect their customers’ data with the same ferocity as they protect their own.

Many have assumed that this is a newfound feminist ferocity, but from ancient Queen Pwa Saw, to the first woman surgeon Daw Saw Sa, who qualified in 1911, Myanmar women have always been as strong as, if not stronger than, our men.

From Time

Phone lines would catch fire from the velocity and ferocity of his words.

He was just seamlessly being this person—the ferocity and intensity was incredible.

But when protests in Syria turned to civil war in June 2011, that activism took on a new ferocity.

They are clashing with Israeli police with a ferocity not seen since the second Intifada.

The German Panzers fought with suicidal ferocity, storming the hill until it was rimmed with a bulwark of bodies.

Some peculiar lines between these contracted brows gave a character of ferocity to this forbidding and sensual face.

By this illustration the native ferocity of the eighteenth-century caricaturists is glaringly exemplified.

The eyes had something of the ferocity but also the fidelity of a well-trained watch-dog.

His intensely black eyes, blacker even than the eyes of Coronado, had a stare of absolutely indescribable ferocity.

There was hardly a face among that gang of wild riders which did not outdo the face of Texas Smith in degraded ferocity.


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