[ fes-ter ]
/ ˈfɛs tər /

verb (used without object)

verb (used with object)

to cause to rankle: Malice festered his spirit.


an ulcer; a rankling sore.
a small, purulent, superficial sore.

Origin of fester

1350–1400; (noun) Middle English festir, festre < Anglo-French, Old French festre < Latin fistula fistula (for -l- > -r- cf. chapter); (v.) Middle English festryn, derivative of the noun or < Old French festrir
Related formsun·fes·tered, adjectiveun·fes·ter·ing, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for fester


/ (ˈfɛstə) /


to form or cause to form pus
(intr) to become rotten; decay
to become or cause to become bitter, irritated, etc, esp over a long period of time; rankleresentment festered his imagination
(intr) informal to be idle or inactive


a small ulcer or sore containing pus

Word Origin for fester

C13: from Old French festre suppurating sore, from Latin: fistula
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Medicine definitions for fester


[ fĕstər ]


To ulcerate.
To form pus; putrefy.


An ulcer.
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