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fetch up


  1. informal.
    intr; usually foll by at or in to arrive (at) or end up (in)

    to fetch up in New York

  2. intr nautical to stop suddenly, as from running aground

    to fetch up on a rock

  3. slang.
    to vomit (food, etc)
  4. dialect.
    tr to rear (children, animals, etc)

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Example Sentences

Rhino horn is particularly lucrative—each kilogram can fetch up to $66,000.

Rhino horn can fetch up to $60,000 per kilo on the black market.

Panagopulos estimated the journals would fetch up to $400,000.

More'n that, here's a letter she had Ephraim fetch up-mounting, when he druv down for her mail.

I must send and fetch up all the police, and I daresay some of the colonists will join.

Away went man and beast in something of a circle, to fetch up near Pawnee Brown less than a minute later.

But, so soon as the British lion is roused, we never fail to fetch up our lee-way, as the sailors say.

Marble and I now began to question our fisherman as to the precise point where he intended to fetch up.