[ fech-id, fetcht ]
/ ˈfɛtʃ ɪd, fɛttʃt /

adjective South Midland U.S.

damned: Jim beat up every fetched one of them.

Origin of fetched

1850–55, Americanism; apparently fetch1 + -ed2
Related formsun·fetched, adjective

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Origin of fetch

before 1000; Middle English fecchen, Old English fecc(e)an, variant of fetian to fetch (compare Middle English feten, fetten, British dialect fet; akin to Old English -fat in sīthfat journey, German fassen to grasp)
Related formsfetch·er, noun

Synonym study

1. See bring.
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/ (fɛtʃ) /

verb (mainly tr)


Word Origin for fetch

Old English feccan; related to Old Norse feta to step, Old High German sih fazzōn to climb

British Dictionary definitions for fetched (2 of 2)


/ (fɛtʃ) /


the ghost or apparition of a living person

Word Origin for fetch

C18: of unknown origin
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