/ (ˈfɛtʃə) /

  1. a person or animal that fetches

  2. rugby informal a flanker who specializes in winning the ball rather than running with it

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How to use fetcher in a sentence

  • Mr. Reed poised and sighted his artillery, and with the very natural remark, "I think this fetcher," he exploded the twin charges.

  • Well, I am soulfully glad the baggage fetcher saved me from consummating my insane inspiration.

  • Sometimes she would come with intelligence from her fetcher and carrier of news, as she called him, Captain Nuttall.

  • How came you to show these lines to such an amateur, such a fetcher and carrier of bays as Lady Kilrush?

  • But I will not pause there now; I will wait till the fetcher has brought in my goods and chattels.

    A Clerk of Oxford | Evelyn Everett-Green