fête champêtre

[ fet shahn-pe-truh ]
/ fɛt ʃɑ̃ˈpɛ trə /
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noun, plural fêtes cham·pê·tres [fet shahn-pe-truh]. /fɛt ʃɑ̃ˈpɛ trə/. French.
an outdoor festival or a garden party.
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British Dictionary definitions for fête champêtre

fête champêtre
/ French (fɛt ʃɑ̃pɛtrə) /

noun plural fêtes champêtres (fɛt ʃɑ̃pɛtrə)
a garden party, picnic, or similar outdoor entertainment
Also: fête galante (fɛt ɡalɑ̃t) arts
  1. a genre of painting popular in France from the early 18th century, characterized by the depiction of figures in pastoral settings. Watteau was its most famous exponent
  2. a painting in this genre

Word Origin for fête champêtre

C18: from French, literally: country festival
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