/ fjuː /


  1. legal history
    1. a feudal tenure of land for which rent was paid in money or grain instead of by the performance of military service
    2. the land so held
  2. Scots law a right to the use of land in return for a fixed annual payment ( feu duty )

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Word History and Origins

Origin of feu1

C15: from Old French; see fee

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Example Sentences

He bounds from the earth as if his entrails were hairs; le cheval volant, the Pegasus qui a les narines de feu!

Sa main droite perce d'un cousteau fut brusle feu de souphre.

La coigne est ia mise la racine des arbres: parquoy tout arbre qui ne fait pas bon fruit, sera coupp & iett au feu, Mat.

And the abb snapped both fingers and thumbs in a double-barrelled feu de joie.

General de la Motterouge had fought in the Crimea: "Peu de feu et beaucoup de bayonette" had been his maxim then.


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