fiber optics

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noun (used with a singular verb)
the branch of optics that deals with the transmission of light through transparent fibers, as in the form of pulses for the transmission of data or communications, or through fiber bundles for the transmission of images.
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Compare optical fiber.

Origin of fiber optics

First recorded in 1960–65
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How to use fiber optics in a sentence

  • Econet telecoms subsidiary Liquid Intelligent Technologies stands as the continent’s largest fiber optics operator, running cables all the way from Cape Town to Cairo.

    Tech in Africa Is Taking Off|Kate Bartlett|August 19, 2021|Ozy

Scientific definitions for fiber optics

fiber optics

Technology based on the use of hair-thin, transparent fibers to transmit light or infrared signals. The fibers are flexible and consist of a core of optically transparent glass or plastic, surrounded by a glass or plastic cladding that reflects the light signals back into the core. Light signals can be modulated to carry almost any other sort of signal, including sounds, electrical signals, and computer data, and a single fiber can carry hundreds of such signals simultaneously, literally at the speed of light. Signals that have weakened after travelling very long distances in the fibers can be optically pumped with lasers, amplifying them without the need to convert them into electrical signals. Optical fibers are relatively inexpensive to manufacture and install when compared with wire cables, and they require very little power and are easily laid out underground. Optical fibers are also used to transmit images focused on one end to the other end through circuitous paths, as in bronchoscopes and colonoscopes used in medical examinations.
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Cultural definitions for fiber optics

fiber optics

A technology that uses specially designed bundles of transparent fibers to transmit light.

notes for fiber optics

Some of the applications of fiber optics are in medicine, where it is used to view otherwise inaccessible parts of the body, and in telecommunications, where it is used to transmit data of all types.
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