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field guide


  1. a portable illustrated book to help identify birds, plants, rocks, etc., as on a nature walk.

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Example Sentences

Some get immortalized in field guides and formally recognized by scientific societies.

Now that you have a mental picture of the bird, go to your field guide and start trying to match the characteristics you noticed, keeping in mind its size, shape, and distinctive characteristics.

Diofebi’s scuzzy ambiance is delicately crafted, his scenes deftly taxonomizing tiers of desperate gamblers and casino staff like species in a field guide.

In our latest field guide, we reached out to a range of people to get their insights on the impact of Jeff Bezos on tech, e-commerce, and management as he prepares to step down as Amazon’s CEO.

From Quartz

Throughout our field guide on how TikTok is changing the music industry, we mention a lot of songs, both recent and older, that exemplify this trend.

From Quartz

After A Field Guide to Getting Lost came out, I became someone who spoke out about public life in the Bush years.

More than anything else, Junky reads like a field guide to the American underworld.

Within twenty minutes of intense focus, and no field guide in hand, David stopped and said, “The owl is not here.”

The cover is green linen with the title printed in forest green letters, A Field Guide to Western Birds.

Think of Just My Type is as an eye-opening field guide, like a good bird book.

Field guide to the anglefishes (Pomacanthidae) in the western Atlantic.

So the chapter can serve as a kind of field guide to the pupil, and a kind of test of his knowledge of nature.

For such a program to work, a usable field guide is a requisite.





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