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fight back


  1. intr to resist an attack
  2. intr to counterattack
  3. tr to struggle to repress

    she tried to fight back her tears


  1. an act or campaign of resistance
  2. a counterattack
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Example Sentences

But while local groups fight back, the NRA is staying on the sidelines.

In some cases, such as those of Dallas nurses Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, the body figures out how to fight back.

The British establishment was furious, and it was the irascible Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who lead the fight-back.

Sanford informs that he plans to get a lawyer, whom he will “instruct… not to fight back.”

To be fair, he told me that he would kill me while he throttled my neck, and once I broke free I tried desperately to fight back.

Tom had quickly whispered to those nearest the pole not to fight back, but to offer passive resistance.

The child stabbed a fist into one eye and then into the other to fight back the tears.

It was all that I could do to fight back the telltale moodiness I felt rising in my face, for I knew her eyes were on me.

I blamed old age, but it never occurred to me to actually fight back.

He knew how brave they were, and how well they could fight back of a screen.


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