fighting top

  1. one of the gun platforms on the lower masts of sailing men-of-war, used in attacking the crew of an enemy ship with swivel guns and muskets
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Historical Examples of fighting top

  • The guns in the fighting-top on our foremast were in readiness to engage.

    The Blocking of Zeebrugge

    Alfred F. B. Carpenter

  • There were three officers with him in the fighting-top and three seamen.

    Our Navy in the War

    Lawrence Perry

  • Beneath the fighting-top was the bridge, where the highest officials on the ship were watching her progress.

    The North Pacific

    Willis Boyd Allen

  • On each mast, just above the lower yard, yet below the masthead, was a fighting-top built of elm wood and gilded over.

    On the Spanish Main

    John Masefield

  • An officer in a fighting-top used a telegraph-dial, and a stoker in the depths his shovel, in a chink of light from the furnace.