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(in prescriptions) filter.
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Origin of filt.

From the New Latin word filtrā
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What does filt. mean?

Filt. is an abbreviation for filter.

Most commonly, filt. is used in reference to medicines and prescriptions. A membrane filter is used to filter solutions and liquids to remove impurities, including viruses and bacteria. Medicine that is passed through a membrane filter before bottling for prescription use will be noted with filt. on the label. As well, prescription medicines and nutrient solutions that are given through an IV may also need to be filtered before the IV. Bags that are attached to IVs will often list the contents on the outside, and those that need to be filtered will have the abbreviation filt. on the label.

Example: Padma made sure the IV bag label had “filt.” on it before hooking the patient up to the IV.

Where does filt. come from?

Filt. comes from the New Latin filtrā, meaning filter.

Filt. can also be used as an abbreviation in almost any situation where filter can be used, especially in places where there is not a lot of room for text. For example, different filters used in vehicles or home air conditioning units might include filt. on a label or in directions. You might also see filt. in social media posts that talk about the filters used on an image.

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How is filt. used in real life?

Filt. is almost always used in a medicinal, pharmaceutical, or mechanical context. It is sometimes used to refer to photo filters, especially in casual writing.




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Filt. is only used in prescriptions and medicine.

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