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[ fing-gerd ]


  1. having fingers, especially of a specified kind or number (often used in combination):

    a five-fingered glove.

  2. spoiled or marred by handling, as merchandise.
  3. Zoology, Botany. digitate.
  4. (of a musical score) marked to show which fingers should be used in playing the notes.


/ ˈfɪŋɡəd /


  1. marked or dirtied by handling
    1. having a finger or fingers
    2. ( in combination )



  2. (of a musical part) having numerals indicating the necessary fingering

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fingered1

First recorded in 1520–30; finger + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

Storm Lever, as Anne Boleyn, Henry’s beguiling six-fingered second bride, wittily reminds the other women that she suffered far more than simply divorce and humiliation in “Don’t Lose Ur Head.”

It’s his empathy, his care, and concern for Mando, and his little three-fingered hand reaching out to gather the force to protect the ones he loves.

Trinh eventually fingered Wahlberg, and the cops arrested him.

It was full of the sorts of people I used to be when I watched him on MuchMusic—bored, greasy-fingered teenagers.

His body was found after the Tsarnaev brothers were fingered as suspects in the bombings.

The public fingered Monjack as a possible suspect after the widower opposed an autopsy—claims that he vehemently denied.

When they identified another man as a possible accomplice, she fingered Dekhar, who was arrested later than same October.

A look of passion came into the face of the watching boy, and again he fingered his revolver.

Indeed, to turn over his concertos, and see how he has fingered them alone, is enough to make you dizzy.

Johnny the Itch fingered away sweat that rolled down from under his fedora and nodded obediently.

He fingered the gold cross upon his breast—she had given it to him two years before.

Wriggling slightly nearer, Hal fingered at the cords that bound Simm's wrists.





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