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[ fee-nee ]


, French.
  1. finished; done.

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Example Sentences

Indeed Fini used to be an activist of a neo-Fascist group, in his youth years...just like Ciarrapico himself.

There's some twisted humor in this story: the victim of his insult, Gianfranco Fini, wasn't even Jewish.

The Bossi-Fini law has become a political powder keg in Italy since the tragedy.

"The entire film industry is mourning her this week," said Zanuck's wife, Lili Fini Zanuck, in a eulogy at the service.

On Sunday, Gianfranco Fini told his supporter sthat, for the good of Italy, Berlusconi "should hand in his resignation."

After twenty years nous avons fini nos simagrées; but after all, listen, I think I hear wheels.'

Vous me pardonere Madame si ie ne uous est pas ecrit la peur de uous anuier me la fait fair ie fini Madame uous embrasan.

Si la force matérielle a toujours fini par céder à l'opinion, combien plus ne sera-t-elle pas contrainte de céder à la conscience?

Then she draw herself up, and shake, and put her hands to her eyes, and 'C'est fini!

La journée qui pour lui s'était annoncée normale, c'est-à-dire ni bonne ni mauvaise, avait particulièrement bien fini.


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