[ fi-nee-toh ]
/ fɪˈni toʊ /
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adjective Informal.
finished; ended.
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Origin of finito

First recorded in 1940–45; from Italian, past participle of finire, from Latin fīnīre “to end”; see finish
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What does finito mean?

Finito is an informal way to say “finished” or “done.”

Finito is an Italian word meaning “finished” that has been borrowed into English unchanged. In English, it is used to emphasize that something is finished, often when the person is glad it’s over.

Example: This relationship is done, over, finito—I don’t want to see you anymore!

Where does finito come from?

A lot of people think that finito is Spanish for “finished,” but in Spanish, finito means “finite” (as in the opposite of infinite). When we say finito in English, we are actually borrowing from Italian, which borrowed from Latin. Latin gave Italian the verb finire, meaning “to finish,” and finito is its past participle (past tense form).

Instead of just saying done or finished, English speakers sometimes add a bit of flair and say finito. This is often to indicate that something is finally complete, especially when it’s a good thing that it’s finished, as in Finally my term paper is finito! or I’ll be really glad when this week is finito. Other times, the term is used to emphasize that something is permanently finished, often in a bad way, as in Your days at this company will be finito if you don’t start showing up on time.

Finito often gets paired with other words that mean “finished” in order to really drive home the point, as in This article is finished, done, complete, over, finito.

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How is finito used in real life?

Finito often gets used to talk about the end of something that has lasted a while, especially when there are strong feelings about it. Or just to be funny.



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If we lose this playoff game, our season will be finito.

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