/ (ˈfɪnə) /

  1. another name for rorqual

Origin of finner

C18: from fin 1 + -er 1

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How to use finner in a sentence

  • "Seal or a dead finner in there, I'll be bound," said the captain.

    Left on Labrador | Charles Asbury Stephens
  • Miss finner shut her eyes, contracted her brows, and gave herself up to reflection.

    Mrs. Vanderstein's jewels | Mrs. Charles Bryce
  • Miss finner tilted her nose skyward and drew herself up haughtily.

    Mrs. Vanderstein's jewels | Mrs. Charles Bryce
  • An' this mornin', seein' 'im look a bit finner than usual, I got fair desp'rit', an' couldn't stan' it no longer.

  • It was indeed the longest of known reptiles, and probably equal to the great finner whale of modern oceans.

    Buffalo Land | W. E. Webb