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[ fahyuhr-bawl ]


  1. a ball of fire, as the sun; a shooting star.
  2. a luminous meteor, sometimes exploding.
  3. lightning having the appearance of a globe of fire; ball lightning.
  4. the highly luminous central portion of a nuclear explosion.
  5. a ball filled with explosive or combustible material, used as a projectile to injure the enemy by explosion or to set fire to their works.
  6. Informal. an exceptionally energetic or ambitious person.


/ ˈfaɪəˌbɔːl /


  1. a ball-shaped discharge of lightning
  2. the bright spherical region of hot ionized gas at the centre of a nuclear explosion
  3. astronomy another name for bolide
  4. slang.
    an energetic person

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fireball1

First recorded in 1545–55; fire + ball 1
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Example Sentences

Earlier this month, a gleaming, 15-story rocket exploded in a massive fireball over a coastal testing facility near Brownsville, Texas.

Sometime before 1962, he added, it would have reentered Earth’s atmosphere and melted into an enormous fireball.

The rocket came in a little too hot, bursting into a fireball on the launchpad, which Musk on Twitter attributed to a low fuel tank pressure.

The capsule created a brilliant fireball as it streaked through Earth’s atmosphere.

Cut a grape in half, pop it in the microwave, and you’ll get a tiny fireball of electrons and electrically-charged atoms.

Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is manufactured by Sazerac, an alcoholic beverage company based in Metairie, La.

In 2011, Fireball had just $1.9 million in sales in the United States, reported Bloomberg Businessweek.

Fireball has exploded in popularity in the United States, prompting expansion in Europe.

Earlier this year, the fraternity news website Total Frat Move declared Fireball “the most popular shot for college students.”

Fireball insists that there are “no health risks” and that “all Fireball formulas are absolutely safe to drink.”

The Fireball, being much faster than the clumsy Brainchild, had left Earth later than the slower ship, and had arrived earlier.

The ugly, deep red fireball from the exploding wreckage was still growing as Clay slammed down on the fire-control panel.

Then one stopped transmitting; in the other screens, there was a rising fireball where she had been.

The gunboat was struggling to regain her equilibrium, and the aircar had vanished in a fireball.

On the upper turn Fireball and Harry Root found the pace too warm for them and dropped back.