[ fahyuh r-muh n ]
/ ˈfaɪər mən /

noun, plural fire·men.

a person employed to extinguish or prevent fires; firefighter.
a person employed to tend fires; stoker.
  1. a person employed to fire and lubricate a steam locomotive.
  2. a person employed to assist the engineer of a diesel or electric locomotive.
U.S. Navy. an enlisted person assigned to the care and operation of a ship's machinery.
British Mining. fire boss.
Baseball. relief pitcher.

Origin of fireman

1620–30 for sense “gunner”; fire + -man

usage note for fireman

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British Dictionary definitions for fireman

/ (ˈfaɪəmən) /

noun plural -men

a man who fights fires, usually a public employee or trained volunteerGender-neutral form: firefighter
  1. (on steam locomotives) the man who stokes the fire and controls the injectors feeding water to the boiler
  2. (on diesel and electric locomotives) the driver's assistant
a man who tends furnaces; stoker
Also called: deputy a mine official responsible for safety precautionsUS equivalent: fire boss
US navy a junior rating who works on marine engineering equipment
informal any employee who is dispatched to deal with trouble at short notice
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