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[ fahyuhr-proof ]


  1. resistant to destruction by fire.
  2. totally or almost totally unburnable.

verb (used with object)

  1. to make fireproof.


/ ˈfaɪəˌpruːf /


  1. capable of resisting damage by fire


  1. tr to make resistant to fire

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Other Words From

  • non·fireproof adjective
  • quasi-fireproof adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fireproof1

First recorded in 1630–40; fire + -proof

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Example Sentences

That popularity has fireproofed the Globes against years of criticism — and now makes it less likely the show will go away permanently.

When shopping for the best fireproof file cabinet, keep an eye on the UL fire rating of the product in question.

Both lockable file cabinets and fireproof file cabinets offer an elevated level of protection, while two-drawer file cabinets and office wall cabinets are perfect for saving space.

Bear in mind that fireproof designs rely upon the use of very heavy construction to produce substantial protection, so these models are better suited to permanent office installations, often on ground-level concrete floors for secure mounting.

You can, however, place the hand warmer on a fireproof surface once you’re done using it and let it naturally smolder out.

In 2008 he starred in Fireproof, a critically derided movie about a firefighter trying to save his marriage from divorce.

A Fireproof Your Marriage study kit and other products are also selling briskly.

In the perfect world of Fireproof, good Christians do not have bad marriages, any more than they drink, gamble or swear.

The success of Fireproof has little to do with its artistic merits, and everything to do with religious message.

In that last category, you might hear a youth pastor ask his charges, “Are you fireproof?”

He was referring to the value of asbestos millboard as a lining for fireproof cases and deed boxes.

"You are certainly a generous magician," said the prince, fastening the fireproof mask on, while his heart throbbed gladly.

The floors throughout are fireproof, formed of iron joists, and arched with hollow bricks of a singular construction.

It is easier to take a city block and construct fireproof, high buildings than to solve transportation problems.

Tommy's hotel had outgrown the original modest building and was now modern and fireproof.