firing party

  1. a military detachment detailed to fire a salute at a funeral

  2. another name for firing squad

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How to use firing party in a sentence

  • He never moved when the firing party knelt down, although their arms and accoutrements broke the silence sharply.

    Jasper Lyle | Harriet Ward
  • Within half-an-hour the little firing-party overtook the rear of the column, and Roberts halted till they came up to him.

    Fix Bay'nets | George Manville Fenn
  • Besides, I'm not looking for the sort of adventure that ends between a stone wall and a firing-party.

    Where the Strange Trails Go Down | E. Alexander Powell
  • On reaching the execution ground he stopped, went in the direction of the firing party, threw his hat on the ground, and waited.

    The Indian Chief | Gustave Aimard
  • So when Hunston had exhausted his expletives and was about to give the word to the firing party, young Jack spoke.