First Day

[ furst dey ]


  1. (among Quakers ) Sunday:

    On First Day afternoons, she goes off by herself to enjoy the solitude of writing.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of First Day1

First recorded in 1645–55
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Example Sentences

Within a few swipes, I was already feeling that burst of romantic optimism you need the first day of the (Christian) new year.

The first day of Liberty, I was hanging around waiting for Ford to come in.

HONG KONG—Last year, I met a Chinese graduate student on a tour of the northeastern United States before his first day at Harvard.

The day we shot that scene, it was her first day on set and Maya Angelou had died that morning.

I was shown how much the value of my life had shrunk on my very first day in the state system.

Now, on my first day here, you pay me back for what I did then—as if it needed paying back!

A sense of inferiority crept over him, as on the first day of his arrival at Alexandria.

At the end of the first day Punch demanded to be set down in England, which he was certain must be close at hand.

Starting in Dallas he received orders for one hundred forty-two copies the first day.

This may be called the first day of the revolution, although the object of the meeting was to prevent such a catastrophe.





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