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first name




[ adjective furst-neym; verb furst-neym ]


  1. of or relating to one's first, or given, name; familiar; intimate:

    They were on a first-name basis soon after meeting.

verb (used with object)

, first-named, first-nam·ing.
  1. to address (someone) by their first name, especially as a sign of informality or familiarity:

    The boss doesn't like the employees to first-name her.

first name


  1. a name given to a person at birth, as opposed to a surname Also calledChristian nameforenamegiven name
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Word History and Origins

Origin of first name1

Middle English word dating back to 1200–50

Origin of first name2

First recorded in 1300–50
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Example Sentences

He still pinches himself, he said, for being on first-name basis with folks like the Clintons.

Voters are on a first-name basis with candidates because of it.

That warm, fuzzy feeling is reciprocated—more often than not on a first-name basis.

"Doan' go so fas', Hoo," called Mr. Lum, for they had long since reached the first-name stage.

Why, then, are you on first-name terms with everyone in the scientific group except me?

It seemed unlikely that necktie drummers would be on terms of first-name intimacy with Shakespeare.

They had dropped formality and were on a first-name basis now.

I'm not normally a first-name-snatcher, but I do seem to have fallen into saying 'Milt.'


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