1. logic quantifying only over individuals and not over predicates or clauses: first-order predicate calculus studies the logical properties of such quantification

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Example Sentences

A lot of ink will continue to be spilled about the first-order problems surrounding that fact.

She believes American “foreign policy should inject first-order concern for human rights into every policy decision.”

I believe we are facing but not addressing first-order problems in the Mideast and at home.

A first-order issue is how can we augment or improve the use of existing military capability should it be required.

In the case of a first-order fixed light the cost of conversion to an occulting characteristic does not exceed 250 to 300.

Combined hyper-radial and first-order light with back prisms in white and mirrors in red.

The old first-order apparatus has been utilized in all cases.

A second-order effect on direction may therefore be produced by irrotational motion, but not a first-order effect.





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