[ furst-tahym ]


  1. used, appearing, contending, etc., for the first time:

    a first-time candidate.

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Example Sentences

“You are bringing someone into an atmosphere of intensity, and adding a lot of pressure to a first-time meeting,” says Berman.

I remember Leonardo DiCaprio once saying that he has a policy of never working with first-time directors.

First-time offenders would be suspended for six games without pay.

That provision accords first-time offenders something called Pre-Trial Intervention.

Both siblings are set to become first-time parents within a few weeks of each other.

Philander had probably guessed—or perhaps it was so with all first-time men—that Hanlon was here on probation.

First-time offenders who are caught selling drugs are subject to expulsion.

It is only the first-time visitor to the Alps who bridles under the Judas kiss of the wind called fun.

For the hundred-and-first time Dawson looked at the information-booth clock.

There ain't any provincial— 'Don't-you-dare-speak-to-me—this-is-the-first-time-I-ever-was-on-a-train air about you!





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