fish out

  1. (tr, adverb) to find or extract (something): to fish keys out of a pocket

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How to use fish out in a sentence

  • If a sailor on land is a fish out of water, a soldier at sea is like a game cock in a duckpond.

  • With some difficulty, Ward got the fish out of the water and began to drag it up the hill toward his house.

    What Rough Beast? | Jefferson Highe
  • I was busy beating my wife while you were getting birds out of fishnets and fish out of snares!

    Mighty Mikko | Parker Fillmore
  • He felt very much a fish out of water, in that strange country; were he alone, he would feel ten times more so.

    The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley | Bertram Mitford
  • He cared for nothing to do with the sea, but the fish out of it, and that only when dressed and steaming on the table.

    The Fourth Estate, vol.1 | Armando Palacio Valds

Other Idioms and Phrases with fish out

fish out

Also, fish up. Discover and retrieve something from a pile or store. For example, She finally fished out the right letter from the files, or He fished up a scandal for the paper to run in the early edition. This usage likens pulling fish from the sea to finding something. [Mid-1600s]

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