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[ fish-er-muhn ]


, plural fish·er·men.
  1. a person who fishes, whether for profit or pleasure.
  2. a ship used in fishing.


  1. Also fisherman's. Knitting. of, relating to, or designating a knitting pattern consisting primarily of cable-stitches executed in a characteristically thick, traditionally off-white yarn, or a garment made in this pattern and yarn:

    a fisherman sweater.


/ ˈfɪʃəmən /


  1. a person who fishes as a profession or for sport
  2. a vessel used for fishing

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Other Words From

  • non·fish·er·man noun plural nonfishermen

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fisherman1

1400–50; late Middle English fissherman; fisher, -man

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Example Sentences

For example, studies in the 1960s showed that fishermen tended to have warmer fingers than non-fishermen, but that again runs into the possibility that only people with good circulation can hack it in the profession.

Even with a half-dozen other fishermen, there were two days when I never ran into another soul on the water.

With one finger he proudly gestured to himself, as a fisherman might while posing with the big catch.

For now, the commercial fishermen who rely on salmon and the outdoorsmen and women who hunt in the Bristol Bay region—or dream of making the trip someday—can rest a little easier.

This peaceful short film focuses on Wayan, a 90-year-old fisherman in Bali, Indonesia, who can no longer fish.

I wonder about the local fisherman; could they file a class action suit?

Find a fisherman to take you out on the water at dusk to watch the natural pyrotechnics at their bellowing best.

He worked unstable jobs as a fisherman and a construction worker before he entered the piracy business.

This fall, its rocket fire on Israel appears to have won greater freedom of movement for Gazan farmers and fisherman.

Gemma Hardy is the orphaned daughter of a Scottish woman and an Icelandic fisherman.

It is almost unnecessary to add, that the porter had his share well paid, and that the fisherman got the full value for his prize.

Inscription copied, Nov. 21, 1833, from a tombstone to a fisherman in Bathford churchyard.

The steward is a fisherman—a fisherman being very useful as a weather prophet.

At any rate, they petitioned Parliament for the removal of this too ardent fisherman, and he was sequestered accordingly.

Thereupon the fisherman rushed to save his cloak, and the fox bolted out at the unguarded door.


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