[ fits-hyooor, often, -yoo ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

For Fitzhugh, the response to her thread was overwhelmingly positive.

In mid-December, Fitzhugh tweeted about her experience in the trial, just as the first vaccines were rolling out to medical professionals across the country.

As a teen, Fitzhugh had a boyfriend who thought of her as “beautiful” but “a little different from the other girls, a little bit more serious and very smart.”

Soon, Fitzhugh, 19, left to attend Bard to study poetry and painting.

If you went through testing, after going to get the test itself, you should quarantine until Thanksgiving, Fitzhugh says.

She stepped in through a side door, walked over to Dr. Fitzhugh, and whispered something in his ear.

Fitzhugh had been making his points by tapping them off on his fingers with the stem of his unlighted pipe.

Dr. Fitzhugh, who had stood up during the brief altercation, sat down slowly and picked up his cup of coffee.

At that unhappy moment Miss Dorothy was deep in conversation with Fitzhugh, the audible titter in the audience arousing her.

Fitzhugh himself explained, and to his sorrow, for during the rest of the evening she would have nothing to do with him.





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