[ fikst-in-kuhm ]


  1. gaining or yielding a more or less uniform rate of income.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of fixed-income1

First recorded in 1855–60

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Example Sentences

As one fixed-income manager mordantly noted, "The most dangerous thing in the world is a nominally risk free asset."

She currently is retired and living on a fixed income in New York University faculty housing in Greenwich Village.

At Lehman the difference between equity floor and the fixed income floor was like night and day.

It's like the Harvard, MIT crowd in fixed income and then it's like UMass on the equity floor.

We in fixed income were probably the most arrogant about a lot of things, but we were also the angriest about losing Warren.

Without having any fixed income, this convent supports more than thirty religious.

He could throw everything he's got on Roaring Lake into the discard and still have forty thousand a year fixed income.

The very idea of a fixed income is as distasteful to him as the possibility of possessing it is distant and visionary.

He knows all about the low wages in one sphere, and the small allowance, or the fixed income with rising prices in another.

A moderate fixed income can now be had by any barrister early in life,—by any barrister of fair parts and sound acquirements.





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