[ fiz-uhl ]
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verb (used without object),fiz·zled, fiz·zling.
  1. to make a hissing or sputtering sound, especially one that dies out weakly.

  2. Informal. to fail ignominiously after a good start (often followed by out): The reform movement fizzled out because of poor leadership.

  1. a fizzling, hissing, or sputtering.

  2. Informal. a failure; fiasco.

Origin of fizzle

1525–35; earlier fysel to break wind, frequentative of *fise<Old Norse fīsa to break wind; akin to feist

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/ (ˈfɪzəl) /

  1. to make a hissing or bubbling sound

  2. (often foll by out) informal to fail or die out, esp after a promising start

  1. a hissing or bubbling sound; fizz

  2. informal an outright failure; fiasco

Origin of fizzle

C16: probably from obsolete fist to break wind

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