[ flag ]
/ flæg /


verb (used with object), flagged, flag·ging.

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    strike the flag,
    1. to relinquish command, as of a ship.
    2. to submit or surrender: His financial situation is growing worse, but he's not ready to strike the flag.
    Also strike one's flag.

Origin of flag

1475–85; perhaps blend of flap (noun) and fag1 (noun) in obsolete sense “flap”

Related formsflag·ger, nounflag·less, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for flag down


/ (flæɡ) /


verb flags, flagging or flagged (tr)

Derived Formsflagger, nounflagless, adjective

Word Origin for flag

C16: of uncertain origin


/ (flæɡ) /

verb flags, flagging or flagged (intr)

to hang down; become limp; droop
to decline in strength or vigour; become weak or tired

Word Origin for flag

C16: of unknown origin


/ (flæɡ) /


any of various plants that have long swordlike leaves, esp the iris Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag)
the leaf of any such plant
See also sweet flag

Word Origin for flag

C14: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Dutch flag, Danish flæg yellow iris


/ (flæɡ) /


short for flagstone

verb flags, flagging or flagged

(tr) to furnish (a floor) with flagstones
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Word Origin and History for flag down
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Idioms and Phrases with flag down

flag down

Signal to stop, as in The police were flagging down all cars. This expression uses the verb flag in the sense of “catch the attention of, as by waving a flag,” a usage dating from the mid-1800s; down was added in the first half of the 1900s.

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