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[flaj-uh-let, -ley]
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  1. a small end-blown flute with four finger holes in front and two in the rear.
  2. any fipple flute.
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Origin of flageolet1

1650–60; < French, spelling variant of Old French flajolet, equivalent to flajol flute (< Vulgar Latin *flabeolum, derivative of Latin flāre to blow2) + -et -et


noun, plural fla·geo·lets [fla-zhaw-le] /fla ʒɔˈlɛ/. French.
  1. a green baby lima bean.
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Historical Examples

  • Bob was an artist: he could paint, write, and play the flageolet.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Vol. 13

    Elbert Hubbard

  • And so to his flageolet again, finding a consolation in the sweetness of his own performance.

    Doom Castle

    Neil Munro

  • When one cannot whistle well it is better to use a flageolet.

  • The notes perfectly resemble a run upwards on the flageolet.

  • There were sometimes other instruments—the flageolet and the triangle.

British Dictionary definitions for flageolet


  1. a high-pitched musical instrument of the recorder family having six or eight finger holes
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Word Origin

C17: from French, modification of Old French flajolet a little flute, from flajol flute, from Vulgar Latin flabeolum (unattested), from Latin flāre to blow


flageolet bean

  1. the pale green immature seed of a haricot bean, cooked and eaten as a vegetable
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Word Origin

C19: from French fageolet, from Latin phaseolus bean; perhaps influenced by flageolet 1
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