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  1. James Montgomery, 1877–1960, U.S. painter and illustrator.

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Example Sentences

They were holding too many meetings, he realized, descending into politics instead of ascending to reckon with Flagg.

But Flagg, too, comes apart in his machinations, bent ever more fully on political domination.

About our Eric Garners—too fat, too scared, too noncompliant, too many kids—there are always, as Flagg knows well, excuses.

He told Flagg he had an extra ticket to see Eudora Welty at the 92nd Street Y the following week and invited her to use it.

As she told the story 27 years later, Flagg said, "I knew not to jump."

A diversion was another portrait of himself, this time undertaken by Charles Noel Flagg.

When Flagg's portrait was about completed, Mrs. Clemens and Mrs. Crane came to the studio to look at it.

It was not a kind speech, nor did Miss Flagg receive it kindly.

"Never mind what you've said already," commanded Miss Flagg.

It was upon the amount of Flagg's regular vote that the whole controversy turned.





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