[ flahm-bey; French flahn-bey ]
/ flɑmˈbeɪ; French flɑ̃ˈbeɪ /


Also flam·béed [flahm-beyd] /flɑmˈbeɪd/. (of food) served in flaming liquor, especially brandy: steak flambé.
  1. (of a glaze) dense and streaked with contrasting colors, usually red and blue.
  2. (of a ceramic object) covered with a flambé glaze.

verb (used with object), flam·béed, flam·bé·ing.

to pour liquor over and ignite.

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Origin of flambé

1885–90; < French, past participle of flamber to flame. See flambeau

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/ (ˈflɑːmbeɪ, ˈflæm-, French flɑ̃be) /


(of food, such as steak or pancakes) served in flaming brandy

verb -béing, -béeing, -béd or -béed

(tr) to pour brandy over (food) and ignite it

Word Origin for flambé

French, past participle of flamber to flame

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Word Origin and History for flambe



1886, of certain types of porcelain, 1906 as a term in cookery, from French flambé, past participle of flamber "to singe, blaze," from Old French flambe "flame" (see flamboyant).

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